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Direct Selling: Be a Millionaire Through Direct Selling

Direct Selling: Be a Millionaire Through Direct Selling
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What is Direct Selling:

Direct Selling
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Direct selling means to market any product and to direct that product to the direct customer.
And it can be anywhere, whether in her house or in the office. And this information from any product is given by a direct seller, in general, this information is either given by explanation or by any other means to the customer.

Research suggests that there is some reason why people are adopting direct selling very much, especially in India.

Direct Selling is a very good way to start a business and it is not a job. It is a business of its own, especially for those women who want to do something in the free time.  And it is also suitable for a consumer, he is getting a good product at good prices.

Direct Selling gives you a flexible arrangement, due to which you can do your work from anywhere.
Direct Selling is a very good way to earn extra money besides your main job. And it has been said by India’s Direct Selling Association (idsa).

Direct Selling
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Benefits of Direct Sale (Benefits of direct selling):


We can start a Direct Sale business by investing less money. In the Direct Sale business, we can earn a lot of money in less time. In Direct Sale business, any kind of study doesn’t matter
Age of anyone in the Direct Sale business does not matter.
It can do it for up to 18 years. Below 18 years of age are considered as Children and working for children in India is a crime.
Inside it comes passive income. Once you start your work or have a good team ready then you do not need to work after that.
You keep getting the money yourself without doing it.
This is called Passive income. And in the Direct Sale business, you keep coming to the full lifetime, even sitting in the house.

Now let us also tell you a little bit about how the company that directs the sale in India – how it works and which systems work on.

Direct Sale is done in 3 types in India.
1. Rainbow system
2. Binary system side
3. Matric system

Let us understand these three systems alternately. You will find benefits and its way of working under all the systems.
You can visualize them and see how the system is work.

1. Rainbow system

Target – 3
Time – 1 month
Income – lose
Rank – lose
company – 82%
Distributor – 18%

You have to add 3 Peoples to the rainbow system and that too in one month. If the target is not able to complete, then your rank may also fall.
And in this system, the company holds 82% commission of sold products goods and only gives 18% to the distributor.

So now I can Tell you about 2 Other Methods you can understand more about 2 systems in the same way.

2. Binary system


Target – 2
Time – 1 month
income lose
Per month of shopping
Company – 70 – 80%
Distributor – 20-30%

3. Matric system


Target – no target
Time – No limit (unlimited)
No income lost
No rank lose
Lifetime one-time shopping
Company – 32%
Distributor – 68%

Here’s the list of top 6 Direct Selling Companies, Network Marketing Companies and MLM Companies in India 2019.


1. Mi Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited.
2. Amway.
3. Herbalife.
4. Forever Living Products.
5. Vestige.
6. Naswiz Retails.

So, Friends, I told You all about MLM India. If you also want to join an MLM, Then you can Contact Us For More info.

One more thing If You are Hardworking So No one can stop to be a Millionaire.
Keep reading our blog In our Next Blog I will tell All about Network marketing and how to make team for direct selling.

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