Top SEO Tips for Rank Your Website

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Top SEO Tips:

Top SEO Tips
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Hello Friends, Welcome to Etamilchannel, By following these Top SEO Tips, you can increase your website traffic and Google Search Engine Ranking Easily. SEO is very important for Google ranking and improvement of traffic but you should also have the right SEO skills knowledge. So here we will tell you about Top SEO Tips that will help easy your blogging journey.

Now the search engines have become very smart and If you want to rank your website or blog then you have to follow these latest SEO factors.

But before discussing “Top SEO Tips”, we will know what is SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

SEO’s full form is Search Engine Optimization. With the help of SEO, we can bring our blog to the first page of Google.

There are two types of SEO:

1.On Page SEO
2.Off Page SEO.

Before this, we have provided many articles on SEO, but here we will talk about how to rank our page and basic needs of it.

Top SEO Tips
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1. SSL Certificate (HTTP Secure)


Google checks out any website security, It’s checking out it is safe or not. If it is not secure then its Google ranking decreases gradually. Secure site means SSL certificate is installed on your Website. You can see it in the browser.

If the site has an SSL certificate installed, the HTTPS of green color will appear with the address bar of your browser and if not, only the HTTP will appear.

2. Content Quality and Length


If you do perfect SEO, but do not write good content then your SEO is useless and visitors will never visit your site again and again. So always write meaningful and helpful content. One more most important thing is your writing skills should be very good, visitors should not be bore after reading your post.

Content length plays an important role in blogging because Google offers more Ranking to Long Posts. Your content must be between 700 and 800 words. But keep one thing in mind, do not write nonsense to useless things in the post for increasing length.



The most important thing is to use keywords in the right way. Whatever blog post you are posting on, you must remember that you are using your keywords correctly. If you are not using your keywords correctly, your blog post will not get a good ranking.

You must know your keywords before writing a blog post. Let’s find out which keywords your readers place in Google, the same keywords you have to use in your blog post.

Where to use Keywords


Now you have got your keywords, so now you have to use keywords right here.
The beginning of blog post title
Image alt tag
In the first paragraph of the post
Someplace in the middle of the article
At the end of the blog post
In the blog post URL

4. SEO by Yoast Plugin


You can download SEO by Yoast plugin to make your blog post SEO friendly. This plugin is a very good plugin, you can use it to make your blog post very SEO friendly.
This is a free plugin which you can download from WordPress free. In order to help you, you are direct linking to it. This is a direct link – SEO by Yoast Plugin.
By using this plugin you can make your blog post more SEO friendly and your blog post will get a good ranking in Google.

5. Website loading speed


The speed of loading your website is a very important factor in site ranking.
It affects the search engine rankings very much because Google places high emphasis on fast loading websites, and Google has said in its algorithm that the website will be fast loading in the search engine, its ranking will also improve.

6. Internal links


If you do internal linking in your post, this will improve your website SEO, visitor spend more time on your site, and your site’s Bounce rate is also less. Google also treats your content as quality content.

7. Backlinks.


Generally speaking, when I put my website link on another website it will be called the backlink of my website. Suppose Visitor comes from Website A to Website B. Here’s Backlink Website A of Website B To improve the website’s SEO score, you have to create Quality Backlinks.

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